Home furnishing solutions

We are happy to welcome you on our homepage! Here you will find out how you can settle in in your new home without any bother. We will furnish your home from scratch. Within one week we are able to furnish your new flat completely! The style, quality and budget is just costumized to your desires. Please contact us for more information here!


Furnishing a complete new place takes a lot of time. Choosing the furniture, pick them up, put them together, buy tools to get the items at the right place... the list goes on and on. 

Click here to find out how your time saving will look like if you will choose us!


Lets take IKEA. A place well known for all sorts of furniture. Even if this furniture store is one of the cheapest in Switzerland as well, a closet may cost its 500 CHF. With our method you are able to have good quality furniture for less. Click here to find out how!



Having this service will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle. For example, going from store to store, driving around looking for the best deals and so on. In contrary, our service will take care of all these inconveniences, offering you a perfect home.